May 22

Listen UP, listen to the incoming of your dream and your destiny.

Otherwise, you'll be Listening DOWN to the of noise of yesterday.  The noises of "can't", "no" and "it won't work" all live in the history of yesterday.

Make a point DAILY to listen to what's calling you.

This is your Listen UP!


About the Author

My name is Ron D. Carlson but you can call me the Rocket Man and I am passionate about helping people who want to change. My goal is to help you reveal the truth of the inner spiritual urging you feel. Only then can you fully embrace your innate genius. I will help you to design a clear path forward that will guide you toward lasting success and inner fulfillment. Become YOUR Why Instead of Chasing a Mirage You Never Reach Ron D. Carlson - Destiny Mentor | Change Artist | Intuitive Advisor | Escaped Executive | The Rocket Man

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