"Circle of Change" Mastermind Membership

Special $200 Savings for a Limited Time

You KNOW there is guidance out there for you.  Live help.

Waiting, waiting just for you.

But, HOW do you get it?

You already KNOW the value of having an expert coach at your side while you build your path to destiny.

You appreciate the encouragement that comes from being in a community of people like you. A mastermind group.

But, WHERE can you find both community and mastermind coaching at an affordable price?


I realized the best support for participants in my programs includes BOTH expert advice about transformation and change AND a supportive community so I created Horizons, a small, "Circle of Change" mastermind group.

  • Small Group Calls So Everyone Can Ask Questions
  • Change Expert Ron D Carlson Leads Each Call Personally
  • ​Participants are Intentional Seekers on the Path of Change, Just Like You
  • Each Call Includes Intelligence on a Vital Subject for Change Seekers
  • Calls are Recorded so You can Listen Even if You Miss the Call
  • Time Permitting, Participants can Ask Questions Seeking Intuitive Guidance Too

Membership is Only $19 a Month!


Along the way, Ron Carlson has genuinely delivered a multitude of insights, encouragement, excellent counsel, multiple levels of tools, and practical advice . I am in awe...

Maria Kateri McGuire, LMT, Munich, Germany
Healing Artist

Only $19 a Month

Is that a typo?  Only $19 bucks a month?  No typo!  If you EVER thought you couldn't afford to get started in your journey of change, now is your chance. 

  • Horizons is a unique Circle of Change, not available elsewhere
  • You are signing up for a subscription to ongoing monthly calls
  • One call a month, each about an hour
  • Led by Ron D. Carlson, The Rocket Man and expert in the Science of Change
  • Replays provided in case you miss the live call
  • No computer or internet needed, just call in from you phone
  • Cancel your monthly subscription anytime you want

Now, I'd Like to SAVE You $200!

 I offer a totally unique 10-week virtual class, Map YOUR Path to Destiny.

This 10-Week Virtual Course guides you to build your penultimate life dream vision AND map your life path to get there.

Isn't it time to Become your dream instead of chasing an illusive mirage you never reach? Now you can!

Read about it here.  I'll wait until you get back.  Just DON'T buy from that page!

While the usual price for the 10-week course is only $397, here is a special offer:

For everyone who joins the Horizons Circle, the price to also take  the 10-week course is only $197.  That's a $200 saving.

To get the special, easy-peasy.  Once you sign up for the $19 Circle, you'll get a special link to the special pricing.

Let's Get Started! 

Reserve Your Space in the Circle Mastermind Here


I will back up my confidence that what is offered here WORKS!  My "Pretty Straight Forward Guarantee is this - Show Up for the Classes/Sessions and try the assignments.  Then, if you don't feel you received value, I'll refund you 100% of your fee.


I've known thousands of people in my personal and professional life. Ron Carlson is one of the wisest people I have ever known. He is 5 star!
Dr. Philip Granger, PhD
Professional Educator

Know that I see you, yes YOU and I'm glad you're here!

My name is Ron D. Carlson but you can call me the Rocket Man and I am passionate about helping people who want to change.

I will help you to design a clear path forward that will guide you toward lasting success and inner fulfillment.

My goal is to help you reveal the truth of the inner spiritual urging you feel. Only then can you fully embrace your innate genius.

I can help you BECOME your dream instead of chasing a mirage you never reach.