Free Connection Call


​Let's share a virtual cup of tea, live ​on the phone, ​no hype, talking about ​what you're up to. Let's connect and get acquainted.

Here's how to schedule!  It's easy-peasy.  We'll talk via Skype

  • You should see a section titled: Pick the Time
  • If you DON'T see that, your browser may be blocking cookies, Try Chrome instead or turn on cookies
  • Click on the date you wish to select
  • Times available for that date appear.  Click one to select it. (Times in RED aren't available)
  • A new page asks for your name, email, phone and Skype
  • NOTE:  The first field for phone is your COUNTRY CODE (not area code)  Its 1 in US
  • Area Code and  the rest of your phone number goes into the second field
  • Click BOOK NOW.  You'll get a confirmation email.  That's it!