Jun 15

Washed Up or Washed Away?

By Ron D. Carlson | Becoming

Lovely view, looking over the railing at the rushing waters below.Powerful, moving, yet still. Almost mesmerizing.Unless, it’s not a raging river outside, it’s INSIDE.The raging waters are in YOU.Then, then the question may be:Am I Washed Up Here or Washed Away?Fear rises as the waves rush through, the inevitable power of water claiming it’s placeWashed…

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May 22

Listen UP!

By Ron D. Carlson | Science of Change

Listen UP, listen to the incoming of your dream and your destiny.Otherwise, you’ll be Listening DOWN to the of noise of yesterday.  The noises of “can’t”, “no” and “it won’t work” all live in the history of yesterday.Make a point DAILY to listen to what’s calling you.This is your Listen UP!

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May 11

How is the View from YOUR Bridge

By Ron D. Carlson | Bridge

How is the View from YOUR Bridge?This is the beautiful, buccolic creek near where I live.  Gurgling, settling, peaceful, grounding, flowing; it readily seems to wash the stress away just sitting on the bridge from which I took the photo.Mind you, it does NOT always look so peaceful.During the rainy season, it becomes a raging…

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May 05

I Was Overthinking & Need to Nap Now!

By Ron D. Carlson | Overthinking

I Was Over-Thinking & Need to Nap Now!I think I did it AGAIN!Over-thought a question, literally ground it up into bits.Ouch, that hurt my little head. Tired now too and need to nap!Somethings simply aren’t worth the brain-space.  Decide something and move on.Example?  Ok, which oil change place to go to this week.  I could…

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Apr 25

So, What IS a Destiny Mentor?

By Ron D. Carlson | Science of Change

What’s a Destiny Mentor?By now, you’ve likely read about, talked to or worked with energy oriented coaches.  Perhaps you are one yourself.I congratulate you and honor your work!  The world NEEDS more light and more people applying it.So, how does a Destiny Mentor, whatever that is, fit into the mix?Let’s Start with What Kind of…

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Apr 05

Feel Like a Prisoner of Money?

By Ron D. Carlson | Money

Feel Like a Prisoner of Money?  It’s Time for a Talk – With Money!When you think about money, taxes, bills, how do you feel?Tense ball in the base of your gut?  Not exactly liberating, is it.  Besides the clear stress this indicates, this is a symptom of holding energy that is repellent to more money…

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Mar 17

The Crock about Balance

By Ron D. Carlson | Balance

The Crock About BalanceYou’ve probably heard the phrase “work/life balance”, right?  I usually hear it used right along with “you need to achieve better (work/life balance).Really?  Truly?   Hmmmm.  Ever try to balance on a bicycle without being in movement?  Pretty hard to balance that bike standing still isn’t it.A high wire circus walker is usually…

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Mar 14

Does It Pass the Kid Test?

By Ron D. Carlson | Keep it Simple

Does it Pass the Kid Test?Life in our age gets pretty complicated.  TOO complicated sometimes.  So much so that our own semi-conscious may NOT understand what we’re trying to do!A test I use to tell whether I’ve fallen into the complication factory is easy-peasy simple. I ask, Does it pass the Kid Test? I ask,…

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